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Print Your Own Free Grid

For urgent measurements, print and calibrate a simple square grid yourself. We recommend purchasing a pro-grid as soon as possible for optimum results.

Standard office printers are surprisingly inconsistent and inaccurate – to overcome this, carefully measure across as many squares as possible in the x and y planes and record in the calibration box.

Large Form Factor Grids

Please get in touch with us to order custom grids for measuring components up to 1.3 x 1.3m

Back-lit Olypsys™ Professional Measurement Grid

Coming soon. A3 USB powered backlit grid.
Enhanced measurement accuracy.
Eliminate shadows.
Ideal for high volume users, coloured and small o-rings.

Olypsys™ Measurement Grids

High quality professional measuring grids are recommended for optimum results. Currently available in two sizes:-
  • A4 for 200mm/7½” maximum outside diameter o-rings
  • A3 for 280mm/11” maximum outside diameter o-rings

Get A Free Professional Grid from an Olypsys™ Distributor

For optimum results order a free Olypsys™ measuring grid

Olypsys for O-Rings Compatible Phones

Device Compatability

Olypsys™  products are designed for use with Android and iOS – for an up-do-date list of known device performance ratings, follow the link.