Revolutionising O-ring Measurement at Eastern Seals UK Limited

Eastern Seals UK Ltd sought a universal, accurate measuring system for O-rings, especially for customer samples. Olypsys emerged as the ideal solution.


The goal was to implement a system that could effortlessly determine O-ring sizes, aiming to enhance operational efficiency.


After a successful trial, Olypsys was smoothly integrated into daily operations.

Features and Benefits

Olypsys provides accurate measurement capabilities and a broad database of international standards, thereby streamlining the measurement process.

User Experience

The user experience has been excellent.


“Olypsys has revolutionized our O-ring measurements.” — Operations Manager

“Measuring O-rings has now become more efficient and reliable.” — Team Member

Future Plans

The team is looking forward to new features, such as larger grids and the ability to measure additional items like bonded seals and circlips.


Olypsys has become an invaluable asset, enhancing efficiency, and expanding the scope of operational capabilities.