Distributor Case Study

The O-Ring Store LLC

The Olypsys App is very useful when I am receiving as it gives a fast and efficient double check for the O-ring products I get in from various vendors. The data measurements you are able to store are beneficial if the size needs to be verified again with a customer, or amongst our company. It is simple to navigate and has clear and direct instructions. I foresee it being incorporated into every day use and part of routine procedures in a lot of companies. 

The improvements I would like to see in the Olypsys App would be the ability to turn on your phone flashlight in case you needed extra lighting during your grid measurement process and it would help to eliminate some shadowing caused by thicker O-Rings. I would also like to see an edit option in the review data section so if you needed to add any notes or important information you are able to do so without having to redo the measurement.

РAutumn, Receiving Specialist at The O-Ring Store LLC